5 Reasons You Should Hire the Candidate with No Experience

Hiring managers can be quick to desire and value past industry experience when selecting candidates for an open job position. This is understandable – the thought of having someone who isn’t already u...
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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Background Screening

Everyone knows pre-employment background screening can be nerve-racking, whether you’re the candidate for a job position or the employer. Unfortunately, all that is involved in conducting a background...
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Why Managers Have a Hard Time Hiring Millennials

It’s no news that college graduates are having a difficult time landing a job. The unemployment rate for young college graduates is 5.6 percent. Graduates who are underemployed – which means they’re w...
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How to Hire without Bias

In this day and age, everyone seems to be aware and in avoidance of any discrimination in the work place. Employers can face more than serious consequences if they do not follow the rules and regulati...
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Using Background Screening for Continuing Employees

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Why Background Checks are Necessary

It’s not that employers are out to get you. In fact, most employers like to believe their job candidates are promising. But, making a bad hiring decision can be costly in more ways than one.

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Why You Need an MRO Review

If you’re an employer, you should already know what a Medical Review Officer is and their function during your screening process. A Medical Review Officer (MRO) is a licensed physician who specializes...
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Staffing Challenges for Small Business

You’ve had it with corporate America and you’ve made the choice to strike out on your own. After considering your options and figuring out what you need in order to make your small business work, you ...
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Hiring Practices and Social Media

While no one thinks that what you have done on your own time outside of work has no bearing on how well you comport yourself while on the clock, you might want to think again. In growing numbers, huma...
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