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Social Media Screening - It's here to stay

Social Media Screening - it's here to stay

Recently, we started a conversation about social media and whether it should be a tool used for screening applicants. The comments were excellent and well thought out, and we appreciate hearing from you.

Our research shows that social media screening is here to stay. Companies are being held accountable for their employees' actions as well as their social media history and are looking for a way to protect themselves within the boundaries of the law. It's also an unfortunate reality that many executive employees are researching candidates on their own, without the guidance of human resources.

At Risk Assessment Group, we've been weighing this option for quite some time, but have hesitated in order to avoid placing our clients at risk of liability. Compliance is at the very top of our priorities.

However, with innovation, technology and an experienced professional approach, we believe social media screenings can be both compliant and conducted with the utmost respect for the candidate.

Interpreting the Information

How the information is interpreted is key. This ensures clients receive the benefits, while removing potential bias.

If you plan on using social media screening for potential hires, it's wise to partner with a reputable vendor to help share in that responsibility. At Risk Assessment Group, we can build safe and compliant behavior kits to help identify red flags in behavior while filtering out unnecessary information.

How We Can Help

You will only be given information that has been carefully filtered to measure behavior without bias or discrimination.

We are able to take this task off the plate of your recruiting team, focusing on key words you choose that highlight or indicate behaviors such as violence, sexual harassment, hate or drug use. Additionally, you can filter out posts related to age, race, sexual orientation, religion, etc. to help ensure you are only seeing information that is relevant and legally compliant.

If you are considering implementing the use of social media as a screening tool, give us a call. We're happy to help guide you on how you can help protect your company and maintain compliance throughout the hiring process.

Wondering how to incorporate Social Media background screening effectively while remaining compliant? 

Join Risk Assessment Group, in partnership with Snell & Wilmer law offices for an informative web session followed by a live Q&A session on October 15.

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