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5 Reasons You Should Hire the Candidate with No Experience

Hiring managers can be quick to desire and value past industry experience when selecting candidates for an open job position. This is understandable – the thought of having someone who isn’t already up to speed with your business practices, buzzwords, and jargon can be scary. But there are actually plenty of advantages that can outweigh these concerns (and most applicants without experience are very eager and quick to pick up the industry’s norms anyways).

1. Molding Clay
Candidates that have years of experience within the industry can have a harder time adjusting to a new company’s practices. They have previous habits and a reference point to compare everything to. On the contrary, candidates with no previous experience are completely open to the new company culture and can easily be shaped into the professional you want them to be.

2. Innovative Thinking
Those with no past experience are enthusiastic to get started. They bring fresh ideas and are willing to take risks. Most importantly, they want to learn all that they can – they start with the belief that they know nothing and are open to all opportunities. Those that have past experience may believe they already know how everything works, or that they’ve already tried various ideas, and therefore they aren’t as daring or venturesome.

3. No Office Politics
Those just entering the professional workforce often don’t know of or care to get involved in the possible gossip and rumors in the workplace. They are usually very non-judgmental and offer a generous, open perspective to everyone on their new team. They certainly don’t want step into any drama right away – their main focus will be impressing you and doing the job right.

4. Challenge Yourself
Believe it or not, hiring someone with no industry experience will help you grow, too. Take it as a challenge to train the newcomer. You will probably learn from them as they learn from you. As they are most likely a recent graduate, they are coming into your workplace with new methods of thinking and processing ideas – they may ask you new questions you have not had to consider before.

5. Loyalty
Show your inexperienced candidate how wonderful your company really is. They don’t have anything to compare it to, and as it is usually harder for those with no experience to land a job, they will be so grateful for the opportunity you gave them already. They will want to strengthen their professional profile, and in order to do so they will most likely stay with your company for a long run.

So, next time you’re reviewing your pool of applicants, don’t rule out the inexperienced ones right away. They may be worth a shot.
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