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3 Reason to Run Background Checks

3 Reasons to Run Background Checks

You found a great applicant. They had a wonderful interview and provided an even better resume. If you could hire them then and there, you would. When you come across applicants like this you might think that running a background check might be pointless, so what is the reason of conducting them?

This is a good question that human resource managers, recruiters, and business owners will ask at some point in their careers. Below we’ve listed three reasons why conducting background checks are important for any company in any industry.

Compliance with Job Requirements:

In a perfect world, all candidates would be perfectly qualified for the positions that they applied for and in the same perfect world you could trust that all the information on their resume is true.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a perfect world and with the competitive job market, candidates may be apt to embellish their resume to impress employers.

Usually, when people think of background checks, they think of searching criminal histories, however, background checks run much deeper than that. Though finding criminal histories is an important portion of background checks, it isn’t the only part.

Background checks hold a large range of information. They can verify past employment, degrees the applicants have earned, pull up motor vehicle driving records, even hold interviews with people the applicant put on their list of references.

Though checking to make sure the applicant doesn’t have any criminal history that would impede their ability to work, the deeper searches can be a good tell of the character and legitimacy of the applicant. These in-depth searches will help with employee retention rating and will bring a better environment for not only your employees but also your customers.

Work Place Safety:

The need for workplace safety is something that hardly needs to be talked about. Serious workplace injuries can change lives forever, for not only the worker, but the friends and families in their lives, as well. Though its importance is apparent, there are other implications that these injuries can have on your business. This can include burdening your company with lawsuits, a bad reputation, and lack of worker retention. Having a good instinct of who people are can’t always determine who can bring the best (and safest) quality of work to your company. Until you run a background check, you will not know the applicants past criminal history and if they have had any issues with upholding work place safety in the past. Checks like these are important in caring for your employees, avoiding law suits, and ensuring a good quality of work.

Avoid Negligent Hiring Lawsuits:

Negligent Hiring is a very sticky legal situation. It is when an employee commits actual damage to another person in which, if a background check was conducted, an employer would have seen previous criminal history of such behavior.

For example:
An employee harms a coworker while on site. Through further review the employer found that they had previous charges of assault. If the employer had done their due diligence and had run a background check, they could have seen the charges and avoided the altercation all together.

These claims can go more in-depth and we have a blog post that you can read here that can go into a deeper explanation.

However, these cases are not new and they are more common that you may think.

The Bottom Line

Running background checks is important for any company and for any industry. If you want to find out more about background checks and the nitty gritty of costs and procedures, give us a call at 866.777.1114. We will walk you through all the details and help you determine what background screening package is right for you and your company.

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